"The President is going to build the wall, that's just it. He ran on building the wall, he is going to build that wall. We are going to ask for it at the same time as we introduce the budget today, which includes about $2.6 billion for the wall next year in 2018. We are also asking for a billion and a half dollars to start the wall this year and I know that Senator Schumer wants a fight. Senator Schumer has made it clear he will do anything in his power to stop the President from putting his agenda in place...we know that's coming but that's a fight the President welcomes. He is going to build the wall and we are going to fund it through OMB."

Mick Mulvaney, White House Office Of Management And Budget Director, joined Kilmeade & Friends to discuss President Trump's newly released budget proposal. Mulvaney explained how this budget helps fulfil the President's promises he made on the campaign trail that includes rebuilding the military, strengthening the border and law enforcement and helping veterans without adding to the deficit. Mulvaney addressed concerns over reducing the funding into the State & Defense Departments as well as reducing the EPA's budget but stressed that their core functions will not be impacted. Mulvaney also spoke about President Trump's promise to build the border wall and how much money in the budget will be allotted to fulfil that promise.

Plus, Mulvaney weighed in on President Trump working with Democrats on new infrastructure programs across the nation as well as funding for social programs such as Meals on Wheels.

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