A deal's in place in Boston to keep an iconic symbol in place.

FOX's Dave Anthony reports:

It's been part of the Boston skyline since the 1960's. A giant lighted Citgo sign:

(Woman) "It's a landmark, it's a sign of Boston."

But it was in danger of being moved out if its Kenmore Square location where it towers over Fenway Park as a backdrop for every Red Sox game:

(Men) "To see that go would have been sad. I would miss it, sure."

Well he won't have to now that Citgo has worked out a lease deal to keep the sign in place:

(Woman) "Before the days of GPS, you always could figure out where you were in the city where the Citgo sign was."

The sign sits on the rooftop of a building Boston University recently sold to a New York-based developer. Mayor Marty Walsh got involved in the negotiations to help resolve a months-long dispute over cost.

Dave Anthony, FOX News.