What does the biggest blockbuster of 2015 have to do with a British farce making its Broadway debut?

FOX's Jane Metzler has the answer:

FOX on Stage, I'm Jane Metzler.

Director J.J. Abrams was in London working on "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" when he made his way to the West End, that city's legendary theatre district:

(Abrams) "I had a free evening, I checked to see what was playing, I bought one ticket. I went to go see 'The Play That Goes Wrong'. I never laughed that hard. I've never seen an audience that laughed that hard."

It was shortly after the show opened and before its Olivier Award for best new comedy:

(Abrams) "I asked the producers afterwards what their plans were and they looked at me sort of wide-eyed and said we just want it to work... And I said what about Broadway? And they were like what?"

The New York City native bringing the show to Broadway and making his producing debut paired with triple Tony winner Kevin McCollum who says:

(McCollum) "By coming to this show, you can say 'Oh I saw the next great British comedy troupe'."

"The Play That Goes Wrong" starting previews.  The official opening's April 2.

That's Fox on Stage.

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(FOX's Jane Metzler)

(FOX's Jane Metzler)

(FOX's Jane Metzler)