Vice President Mike Pence spoke with Kilmeade & Friends about the impact of the intelligence leaks, congressional investigations into possible connections between Russian officials and members of the Trump Administration, the republican’s Obamacare replacement plan and the President’s revamped travel ban.

Listen here:

Vice President Pence on President Trump’s revised executive ban:

(PENCE) Look, the president has made it clear that the safety and security of the American people is the top priority of his administration. And the decisive action the president took in the early days of the administration, the executive order that we issued yesterday, is all demonstrating the president’s deep commitment to use his authority as president to ensure that people coming into this country don’t represent a threat to our people or our families. I think the president’s Authority in this area is historic, it’s constitutional. I think the president was simply determined to take such steps as are necessary suspending immigration now refugees from those 6 countries even as we work with those countries just as we did with Iraq to continue to work on their internal systems our vetting programs to protect the country.

Vice President Pence On the roll-out of the replacement of Obamacare and whether Sen. Rand Paul’s complaints with the plan are valid:

(PENCE)I don’t believe he does. Honestly I think as the American people look at the legislation that was unveiled last night, and its likely going to change as it goes through a very open process on Capitol Hill and we’ll listen to the Senator and others about ways that we can improve it. But this is a bill that repeals the disastrous policy of Obamacare which has resulted in premium increases for Americans in excess of 100%. We set up in our replacement bill a national marketplace that will lower the cost of health insurance even as we allow American’s to take advantage of tax credits to offset some of the cost of insurance that they’ll be able to buy. We give states flexibility on Medicaid and I just think this is Obamacare done. And it’s what the American people called for in this last election. President Trump is keeping his word and I’m very confident that as this debate goes forward that the American people will see that we’re closing the books on the Obamacare nightmare and we’re replacing it with reforms that capture the power of consumer choice in a private marketplace to lower the cost of health insurance without growing the size of government.

Vice President Pence On President Trump putting the ability to buy healthcare across state lines into this replacement bill:

(PENCE) A centerpiece of the president’s agenda is to give the American people the ability to buy health insurance across state lines the way we buy life insurance, the way we buy car insurance. And remember this is the beginning of a process. Secretary Price has already set into motion decisive action to create a national marketplace through administrative action and through regulatory reform. But this legislation begins the process of repealing Obamacare lock, stock, and barrel which has placed literally 500 billion dollars in tax increases on the American people. The simple fact is that this election was about many things. I think it was about national security, I think it was about the Supreme Court but the core of it, the American people wanted to see this president, this congress repeal and replace Obamacare, that all starts today.

Vice President Pence On wire taps:

(PENCE) What I can tell you is that the president and I have every confidence that the congressional committees that are reviewing all these matters will do their jobs thoroughly and professionally and we’ll await the conclusions that they arrive at once they reveal all the evidence.

Vice President Pence on if there are members of the intelligence community purposely working against the Trump Administration

(PENCE) We hope not but obviously that’s a very worthy topic for the House & Senate committees that are looking into this matter to examine. Leaks of national security information are a violation of the law and compromise the national security of the United States and we have to take them very seriously and I have every confidence we will.