Nintendo releasing their latest, and most technologically advanced gaming system.

FOX's Gaming reporter Eammonn Dignam has the details:

The Nintendo Switch arrived in stores for a midnight launch that saw larger than anticipated crowds, wrapping around multiple blocks at New York City's Nintendo Store and some fans really had a wait, according to store manager P..J. Sadler telling FOX:

(Sadler) "We had somebody in line for a month."

Nintendo describes the new platform as an innovative combination of previous systems from the last three decades, but it is set aside by being:

(Sadler) "A console hat you can play at home, but the ability to then take it and play it on handheld mode on the go." 

Along with the system launch comes a highly anticipated game, according to this fan:

(Shopper) "The new Zelda game is apparently incredible."

The newest installment of the 'Legend of Zelda' franchise 'Breathe of the Wild' is a continuation of Link's adventures to save princess Zelda and the land of Hyrule from lurking evils. Reviews of the game have called it "one of the best ever made".

Eammon Dignam, FOX News.

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