There may be some changes coming to professional Golf.

FOX's Jared Max explains:

The PGA Tour which governs golf in the USA and Mexico and Royal and Ancient, which covers the rest of the world, announced proposed changes to professional golf that would limit the number of rules from 34 to 24. Among proposed changes, a 40 second limit for golfers to take their shots.

A reduction from five minutes to three minutes is maximum time for a golfer to locate his lost ball. An option of a two-stroke penalty instead of hitting out of a bunker. No penalty assessment for a ball or marker that is accidentally moved on the green or while searching for a ball. And no need to remove the flag stick while putting.

Tiger Woods commented today on Twitter, he said, "Lots of thought and hard work by the USGA and RNA to modernize our rules. Great work to benefit the game." 

Golfs governing bodies hope to implement these changes at the start of 2019.

Jared Max, FOX News.

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