Parenting Myths… Do They Really Work?

    They’re passed down from generation to generation. But what sometimes passes for wisdom isn’t always the right choice for parents.

    FOX’s Lisa Brady does some mythbusting in this week’s “FOX on Family”:

    Even the Internet can’t seem to put to them to rest. Common tips for parents that are really just myths, like putting butter on a burn:

    (Dr. Siegel) “That’s absolutely false. Actually butter is gonna make it hotter.”

    Doctor Marc Siegel with the FOX News Medical A Team, says instead reduce the temperature of a burn with cool water or burn cream.

    And all those kid cuts and scrapes? He says don’t ‘let them breathe.’ An uncovered wound is more prone to infection:

    (Dr. Siegel) “Number two by covering the wound, you keep moisture in and it actually heels better. It’s when it gets really dried out that a cut or a wound will actually over-scab and you get more scarring that way, so you need the moisture.”

    Okay, but carrots are good for their eyes, right?

    (Dr. Siegel) “Well, Beta Carotene that’s in carrots is very, very good for you, but it’s not going to help your eyes so much.”

    On the flip side, he says dim light won’t hurt the eyes, but it’s easier to see in better light. And don’t wait for your kids to grow out of french fries.

    Doctor Siegel’s advice: It’s never too early to start healthy eating and exercise.

    With FOX on Family, I’m Lisa Brady.