Tax Tips: Avoiding Mistakes on Tax Forms

Millions of taxpayers have done it. You should try to avoid it. The avoidable mistake on your tax return.

FOX Business’ Gerri Willis has your Tax Tips:

Watch out for common tax filing errors.

I’m Gerri Willis with your FOX News Radio Tax Tip.

Making a mistake on your tax return can delay any refund you’re due. Dan Geltrude, the founder of Geltrude & Company, says most mistakes could be caught by double checking your work:

(Geltrude) “The most common error in filing tax returns are math errors. Misspelled names is another common error found on tax returns.”

Failing to sign the forms or checking the wrong box for filing status are routinely missed. Filing electronically can help you get it right. Popular tax software programs calculate the math for you and the IRS’ own E-file system will reject you if you make a common error.

And if you’re due that refund and request a direct deposit, double check the account and routing numbers just make sure the money goes to the right place.

I’m Gerri Willis with the FOX Business Network.

Dan Geltrude is the founder of Geltrude & Company.
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