A recent survey finds parents consider themselves good role models for their children's tech habits while spending hours a day themselves with various screen devices.

FOX's Lisa Brady has ways to help strike a balance in this week's "FOX on Family":

Parents worry about kids getting too much screen time on various devices. But what kind of example are we setting?:

(Schweikert) "There are so many parents on that playground, but they're sitting on benches on their phone or they're pushing their children on the swing with one hand, using their cell phone in the other hand."

Mother of four and Lightbridge Academy President Gigi Schweikert, says it can be tough, especially for working parents, but when you can, turn it off or tuck it away to make more quality time:

(Schweikert) "Put it in your purse, put it in another room, leave it in the car when you go into the mall. We're all gonna survive without a cell phone."

Talk to your kids more. And Schweikert says it can help to schedule phone time. For instance, when the kids are in bed:

(Schweikert) "I know at 8:00 I'm gonna be on the phone and I'm more likely to be able to put it away."

Older kids notice and infants need face to face interaction:

(Schweikert) "That's how children learn to communicate. That's how they learn to read non-verbal cues. That's how they learn about emotion."

And those moments go by so quickly.

With Fox on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.

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