The University of Connecticut Women's Basketball continues to extend their record setting winning streak.

FOX's Jared Max has more:

It's the Benjamin Franklin of sports winning streaks:

(Dave O'Brien/ESPN) "UConn makes it 100 consecutive wins. Absolutely amazing!"

University of Connecticut women's basketball team extended its NCAA record for women or men, by winning its 100th straight game last night. A streak that dates to the fall of 2014. Final score UConn 66 - South Carolina 55.

Huskies head coach Geno Auriemma hasn't been on a losing side of a game in more than 117 weeks:

(Auriemma) "We don't take time off. We don't take any games off. We don't mail any of them in. And it don't matter if we're playing the worst team in America or the best team in America."

On ESPN. Of the 100 consecutive games won by coach Geno Auriemma's teams at UConn, 98 have been decided by double digits.

Jared Max, FOX News.

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