Valentine’s Day: Different Types of “Mates”

    What kind of love are you looking for this Valentine’s Day?

    FOX’s Ashley Papa has a Valentine’s Day special edition of “FOX on Love”:

    Valentine’s Day is a day for love and reflection on the kind of relationship we want to be in. If you are looking for love this V-day, Kailen Rosenberg, founder of “The Love Architects”, says there are three types of relationship “mates”, you may end up with.

    The first is the “ego mate”:

    (Rosenberg) “Everything is focused on self, it’s focused on superficiality, it’s how much money do you make, it’s what your body looks like, how great is the sex, do you make me look good when I’m out with you.”

    Another mate is the well known soulmate, where Rosenberg says you feel you were made for each other and you’d die if you ever lost the other person. She says the soulmate inevitably gives way to the “life mate”:

    (Rosenberg) “It’s when you are in a relationship that has true joy and it’s fun and it’s exciting and it’s sexy, but it’s also peaceful and you don’t have to play games anymore. You are really with your partner, you’re with your buddy and it’s easy and it’s comfortable but yet it’s truly not boring.”

    Rosenberg says while the ego, soul, and life mate may be different, they all have potential for amazing love.

    With FOX on Love, I’m Ashley Papa.

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