Political aspirations are still alive for a teenager in Georgia.

FOX’s Pam Puso has more:

In politics, perseverance can pay off:

(Hector) “I feel amazing. I feel great. And this isn’t just for me, like it’s never just been about me, but more so about other young people.”

Mary Pat Hector will appear on the ballot in next month’s city council election in Stonecrest, Georgia, outside Atlanta.

One of her opponents had challenged her candidacy, saying she wasn’t old enough. Hector is 19 and her attorney says that under the city’s new charter she can run:

(Attorney) “She was qualified and that she was only required to be 18-years-old.”

For Hector, a student at Spelman College, a valuable lesson was learned:

(Hector) “Once you fight for something that you truly believe in, you truly can prevail.”

Pam Puso, FOX News.

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