A judge's reaction to a woman getting a ticket for parking a minute too early going viral.

Chief judge Frank Caprio resides over traffic court in Providence, Rhode Island. His proceedings stream on the popular YouTube channel 'Caught in Providence.'

A woman named Sarah comes into court. She was ticketed for parking just before the spot's 10 am permissible availability.

When the judge realizes this, he can't help but grin:

(Caprio) "One ticket on Cushing Street. No parking 8-10. And you were there at? Oh no. Ticket was issued at 9:59. 9:59 and 58 seconds."

Seconds before 10 am! The judge jokes the ticketed woman took the wrong path in life. Justice was served with a side of humor:

(Caprio) "I think 9:59 is close enough to 10. Matters dismissed."

The clip had over one million views in a day.

I'm Krystin Goodwin, FOX News.

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