He is an award-winning playwright. Dylan Brody is also a bestselling author and a veteran of the standup comedy circuit who's helped others get the laughs, writing for comedy legends like Robin Williams, Joan Rivers and Jay Leno's "Tonite Show" monologues.

FOX's Jane Metzler gets serious with this humorist and storyteller about everything from the business of comedy to the industry's notorious joke thieves. They also discuss the role George Carlin played in his early career and the support David Sedaris has shown him more recently. Then, there's his new comedy special: "Dylan Brody's Driving Hollywood" which premieres on Nextup Comedy this Valentine's Day.

FOX's Jane Metzler has more on playwright and novelist Dylan Brody, who also knows a punchline when he sees one and how to deliver it:

FOX on Stage, I'm Jane Metzler.

Not only is he an award winning playwright, Dylan Brody is also a bestselling author, a veteran of the standup circuit, who's helped others get the laughs...

Writing jokes for Jay Leno's 'Tonite Show' monologues and comedy legends Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. The son of an MIT professor, his tongue in cheek description of what he does:

(Brody) "I am a purveyor of fine words and phrases who takes humor very very seriously."

The late George Carlin called him with words of encouragement when he was just starting out:

(Brody) "I called Letterman, I talked to a woman who books me there...I told them that they should take you seriously, that you're a very funny political comic."

'Dylan Brody's Driving Hollywood' premieres on Next Up Comedy February 14th. The one man show heading to the stage in Chicago and New York City this Spring.

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