The NFL season could end with the New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl, but it started with quarterback Tom Brady suspended for four games over his role in "Deflategate."

FOX's Jared Max reporting from Houston with more on the lingering effects of the scandal:

More than two years removed from the night the Patriots used under-inflated footballs, an action that led to a federal case, million dollar fine, loss of two draft picks and a four-game suspension for quarterback Tom Brady. Is the splendor relationship between the Patriots and the NFL on the mend?

League Commissioner Roger Goodell said yesterday here in Houston, it does not feel awkward to him that he hasn't gone to a Patriots game in Foxborough, Massachusetts, since the 2015 AFC Championship that led to "Deflategate":

(Goodell) "Two seasons ago for two consecutive playoff games. The same way I was in Atlanta this year. So that happens."

At his annual Super Bowl press conference, Goodell said if I am invited back to Foxborough, I will come.

The door is open says Patriots owner Robert Kraft. He issued a statement that reads, "I've talked to a lot of fans who would love to welcome Roger back to Gillette Stadium. If we're fortunate enough to win Sunday, the kickoff for the next season would present a perfect opportunity."

In Houston, Jared Max, FOX News.

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