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Frankie Ballard says his fame hasn't changed the nerves he gets before performing at certain venues.

FOX's Ashley Dvorkin explains in "FOX Celebrity Profile":

I'm Ashley Dvorkin with your 'FOX Celebrity Profile'.

Frankie Ballard released his latest album 'El Río' last June and has been watching fans sing along to the original tunes included on the road with a busy tour schedule.

While he's performed all over the world, there are a couple of special places he still gets nervous about playing: Nashville and his hometown Battle Creek, Michigan:

(Ballard) "I remember when he was playing baseball. And he was getting in trouble in high school and whatever. And so sometimes I feel that depth of relationship when I'm in my hometown playing and it makes me a little nervous. And the same with Nashville, being a music industry town and there's lots of people that come out and they are kind of like 'okay let's see what this guy's got', you know? Or it's not just screaming fans, so, those are a little nerve-racking." 

This past album reflects his blend of influences: Country, rock and blues. And he says next time around, he'll show that even more: 

(Ballard) "The next step is just to do that again. And try to refine it even better and make the tip of the spear even sharper."

Ashley Dvorkin, FOX News.

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