A shark photo-bombs a surfer in a jaw-dropping photo.

FOX's Krystin Goodwin has the details:

A young surfer in Australia unknowingly shared a wave with a shark and his father caught the close encounter on camera.

Chris Hasson was taking photos of his 10-year-old son Eden surfing at Samurai Beach in south Australia. He thought he saw a dark shadow in the waves.

After checking the picture he took, sure enough, below the surface of the water where his son was surfing was a shark!

(Chris Hasson) "I quickly pulled him in and called shark to the other four boys out there. And we had a look on the beach and obviously everyone's high-fiving and going 'wow what a photo'."

Experts say it looks like an 8 feet long young great white. Fortunately, his son was not hurt. The daring youngster says he wasn't scared since he didn't see what was lurking below:

(Eden Hasson) "If I was on the wave and I saw it. I probably would have freaked out and fell off. I was lucky I didn't fall off."

Very lucky.

I'm Krystin Goodwin, FOX News.

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