If you have a pet and are just starting to date someone, they may play a role in the success of your relationship.

FOX's Ashley Papa has "FOX on Love":

Introducing your new love to your pet for the first time, can sometimes be a tumultuous experience.

Celebrity pet expert, Harrison Forbes, says the initial meeting between your partner and pet, should be taken seriously.

First, make your partner aware of any quarks the animal might have:

(Forbes) "Whoever has the pet needs to let the other one know that this is the kind of routine they like, this is how they typically are with strangers."

Also, have your partner meet your dog or cat outside the home, first:

(Forbes) "Some dogs are very territorial and their personality may be a little more protective and aggressive, even if they're not an aggressive pet in the home atmosphere, so meet at the park."

Forbes says having your boyfriend or girlfriend feed your pet is also important:

(Forbes) "If the dog or the cat is really hungry and you come and bring them treats, let them eat, then all of a sudden that initial association with you is 'wow this guys good or this girls good, she's giving me my favorite treats. I'm really hungry'." 

After two weeks, Forbes says your pet should adjust to your new love life.

With FOX on Love, I'm Ashley Papa.

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