A milestone for team USA in the so called Olympics for chefs.

FOX's Lilian Woo reports: 

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A first in the history of what's some consider the worlds most prestigious culinary competition:

(Boulud) "Bocuse d'Or has been happening in my hometown in Lyon."

Renowned Chef Daniel Boulud on the 30-year-old contest which has never before awarded gold to:

"United States!"

It's a dream many years in the making for Chef Boulud, who along with the legendary Thomas Keller, helped train and assemble American teams over the last decade. Boulud telling me back when he was gearing up for an earlier attempt:

(Boulud) "We want to defend America today as one of the greatest country who has one of the best food in the world."

The winning team turning out chicken stuffed with mushrooms foie gras and crayfish as well as a vegan plate of asparagus with almond custard.

Unlike some teams, Americans get no government funding, only help from commercial sponsors and contributions.

Norway took the silver medal and Iceland won the bronze at the competition which is held every other year.

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