A legendary sportscaster is about to go off the air.

FOX's Dave Anthony reports:

Next Tuesday night, Brent Musburger will tell us one last time:

(Musburger) "You are looking live..."

Calling his final game. Georgia versus Kentucky basketball in the same arena:

(Musburger) "That's it... Villanova has done it!"

Where he broadcast Villanova's 1985 upset over Georgetown to win the National Championship. Musburger's done a lot of big games on CBS, ABC and ESPN, including Doug Flutie's famed hail mary:

(Musburger) "Caught by Boston College! I don't believe it!"

Musburger got into controversy in a 2013 football game, talking about Alabama's quarterback's girlfriend:

(Musburger) "You quarterbacks, you get all the good looking woman. What a beautiful woman!"

He shrugged that off as not a big deal. Now 77, Musburger says his love of sports let him live a life of endless pleasure.

He'll next help his family start a sports handicapping business.

Dave Anthony, FOX News.