Can't make it to Super Bowl 51? That's okay. New technology will give fans a great view from their own homes.

FOX's Brett Larson reports: 

We're under two weeks away from Super Bowl 51 and watching it at home will be better than ever. FOX Sports saying this year's big broadcast will be the most technologically advanced games ever aired.

You'll not only see next generation graphics and stats and augmented reality, you'll even some footage from 4k and 8k cameras, there will also be cameras on the field so you can be a part of the play action and even get the players view.

New technology from Intel will let viewers get inside the helmet of any player on the field, sort of. They're actually using an array of 38 high definition cameras around the field, which gives a 360-degree view, so you can be virtually placed in any position.

A first on the field this year: An 8k camera which is eight times the definition of your HD-TV. The game isn't going to be in 8k, but the cameras will be used for some of the super-slow replay's so they'll look perfectly crisp in high definition.

The Super Bowl takes place on Feb. 5 and will air on your local FOX station.

With FOX on Tech, I'm Brett Larson, FOX News.