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A former security guard from Rural, Illinois, got some personal time last week with President Donald Trump.

FOX's Paul Stevens reports: 

24-year-old Shane Bouvet, a struggling single father working nights, spending days volunteering on Donald Trump's presidential campaign and profiled in the Washington Post, in a story that caught the President's eye.

Mr. Trump then made sure Bouvet got an invite to an inaugural ball and a chance to meet him last Thursday at the Lincoln Memorial.

President Trump also phoning Shane Bouvet's father, who's undergoing cancer treatment:

(President Trump) "You have a great guy here. You take good care of him. He's going to take care of you, actually. I think, right?"

And then:

(Bouvet) "He turned around to his aid and he goes, 'write him a a check for $10,000'."

That money to help Bouvet's father's cancer treatment:

(Bouvet) "For what he did for my dad and gave him that extra fight, I don't know how I'd ever repay him."

Paul Stevens, FOX News.