Sunday, the final four will become the final two. The two teams that will square off in Super Bowl 51.

FOX's Chris Hoenig reports in this week's "FOX on Football":

FOX on Football, I'm Chris Hoenig.

The Packers, Falcons, Patriots and Steelers all rank near the top of the league in virtually every offensive category and Vegas oddsmakers are expecting some shootouts.

The over-under for Green Bay at Atlanta has been set at 60 total points scored, meaning the defenses will be under pressure:

(Matthews) "They got a number of play-makers up and down the board. So I think rather than just focus on one area, I think it's their entire offense that drives that team."

It's a family affair for Packers linebacker Clay Matthews, his cousin, Jake, is an offensive lineman for the Falcons. Jake's dad and Clay's uncle is Hall of Famer Bruce Matthews:

(Matthews) "At least one Matthews will come to Houston for the Super Bowl. So we're really excited about it."

They kick off at 3:05 Eastern Sunday on FOX. At 6:40 Eastern on CBS, it's New England home against Pittsburgh:

(Belichick) "It's always an honor to be participating in the AFC Championship game."

Patriots coach Bill Belichick will have to stop the Steelers' killer b's: Big Ben, Bell, Brown and Boswell.

FOX on Football, I'm Chris Hoenig.