FOX's Ashley Dvorkin sits down with country duo High Valley about their debut album and unique exposure into the world of country music in her "FOX Celebrity Profile":

I'm Ashley Dvorkin with your FOX Celebrity profile.

Country duo High Valley aka, brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel are out with their debut album 'Dear Life' and these two had an unusual introduction into the country music world:

(Brad) "So we're from a little town called La Crete, Alberta, and it's a long ways north of almost anywhere in the world, honestly it's 45 hours north of Nashville.

(Curtis) We didn't have really exposure to radio or TV at all.

(Brad) "But we only had records, listening to like Ricky Skaggs, Buck Owens and The Everly Brothers are pretty much the main thing we grew up on. Then later on in life, our sisters introduced us to the 90's country stuff on CD, so that's kind of our musical background."

They say as a duo, they really balance each other out:

(Brad) "Curtis keeps things fun and I do a lot of businessy things."

See for tour dates and find their album 'Dear Life' available now.

Ashley Dvorkin, FOX News.

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