Tommy Allsup, Buddy Holly’s Guitarist, Dead

One guitar player has reunited with his friend in the sky.

FOX’s Jane Metzler reports: 

(McLean) “A long long time ago, I can still remember…”

Don McLean’s chart topping song “American Pie” about:

(McLean) “The day the music died.”

That was February 3, 1959,  a light plane carrying Tommy Allsup’s bandmate Buddy Holly, along with JP Richardson, the Big Bopper and Richie Valens crashed near Clear Lake, Iowa, in snowy weather.

Allsup had a chance to be on that plane avoiding a long bus ride to the next stop on their tour, it came down to a coin flip. The guitarist remembered flipping that coin backstage after this singer finished performing:

(Valens) “La Bamba!”

Richie Valens called heads then got his stuff off the bus. Allsup’s son Austin, who competed last year on “The Voice” says Valens sister reached out to offer her condolences on his father’s death Wednesday at 85.

His message back, the rockers can finally finish the tour they started nearly 58 years ago.

Jane Metzler, FOX News.

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