Nintendo reveals it's latest hardware and an online game is closing down after almost 20 years, much to one grandfathers dismay.

FOX's Eammonn Dignam has the details in "FOX Bits":

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"Asheron's Call" is maker Turbine's very first game made in 1999:

And on January 31, 2017, the official online servers will end. YouTube user "We Sleep Talk" interviewed their grand father. A 74-year-old player who has made around 80 characters in game:
(Grandpa) "I have one that was made in 99."

And they're pleading for commenters to suggest a new game for him to play. His playtime with one of his characters:
(Grandpa) "Three months, three days and three hours."
Pre orders for the Nintendo's next generation home console-portable hybrid "The Switch" happening at New York's Nintendo Store Friday after officially showing off the gear Thursday night:

Lines were around the building:

(Courtesy: FOX's Tonya J. Powers)

(Men) "I'm looking for it for the experiences. The new Mario. Better graphics."
Hopefully they'll have more on hand than the release of the NES Classic, which was a little short for the holidays.


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(Courtesy: FOX's Tonya J. Powers)

The Nintendo Switch is slated for release with a slew of Nintendo, and third party developed properties in March of 2017, it's expected to cost $299.99 in the U.S.