A guy mad at the DMV decides to change things up.

FOX's Chris Foster reports:

Nick Stafford paid his sales tax on two SUV's in Lebanon, Virginia: $2987.14, all in pennies, five wheelbarrows worth.


(Stafford) "The reason I brought this many pennies here was to prove a point to the state of Virginia."

He tells the Bristol Herald Courier he tried to call the Lebanon DMV in September, and was routed to a call center in Richmond.

He then filed three lawsuits to get the direct numbers to nine local DMV offices:

(Stafford) "Which the state did turn around the information and it took time out of my day, I was going to extend that same courtesy to them."

He says he paid 11 people $440 to smash the pennies out of their paper rolls with hammers and another 400 for the wheelbarrows.

Chris Foster, FOX News.