"First of all, I believe Vladimir Putin is a war criminal and I think all the evidence points in that direction. But for someone coming in as Secretary of State, I think he gave a cautious and sensible answer to the question."

---Admiral Stavridis on Rex Tillerson's answer to Senator Marco Rubio's question of whether he thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin is a war criminal.

Former Supreme Allied Commander at NATO, Admiral James Stavridis, spoke with Kilmeade & Friends about Rex Tillerson's Secretary of State confirmation hearing, why he is optimistic Tillerson will be confirmed , why it is important for Donald Trump to release his tax returns, confronting Russia over their cyber-attacks and why he agrees with Donald Trump in wanting to reign in defense contractors.

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Admiral Stavridis on Trump wanting to reign in defense contractors

(Kilmeade) Donald Trump, he wants to reign in defense contractors and he wants to reign in the expenses and he wants to oversee it. He is on to something, isn't he?

(STAVRIDIS) He absolutely is. There is an entity in the Pentagon called the Defense Business Board which brings super high level CEO's to come to the Pentagon and give a clear-eyed, outside the beltway look at the Department of Defense. That group, the Business Board, put together a brief showing a $150 billion dollars in potential savings along those lines. Now that might not all be realizable but it shows you can bring business to the Pentagon.