Writers Guild movie nominations are out.

FOX's Jacquelyn Karl reports: 

(Deadpool) "You may be wondering why the red suit? Well that's so bad guys can't see me bleed."

The Writers Guild had a surprise in store, nominating "Deadpool", an R-rated spinoff from the "X-Men" franchise, starring a foul-mouthed Ryan Reynolds.

Other WGA nominations include a few possible Oscar contenders, including "Moonlight":

(Moonlight) "At some point, you've got to decide for yourself who you want to be. Can't let nobody make that decision for you."

"La La Land":

(La La Land) "It's pretty strange that we keep running into each other. Maybe it means something? I doubt it."

And "Manchester by the Sea":

(Manchester by the Sea) "You don't want to be my guardian? That's fine with me. Not that it's just the logistics. All my friends are here."

Winners being announced Feb. 19.

Jacquelyn Karl, FOX News.

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