President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration grows closer, but one rock and roller says the jury is still out on Mr. Trump's competence.

FOX's Michelle Pollino reports: 

In an interview with podcaster Marc Maron, Bruce Springsteen talked about President-elect Donald Trump.

The Boss, who supported Hillary Clinton said, "Forget about where they are ideologically. Do they simply have the pure competence to be put in a position of such responsibility?"

Springsteen told Maron that he feels fear over Mr. Trump's presidency saying, "When you let that genie out of the bottle, bigotry, racism, intolerance, they don't go back in the bottle that easily, if they go back in at all."

"So my fear is that those things find a place in ordinary, civil society."

Springsteen says there were "plenty of good, solid folks that voted for Donald Trump" and the outcome of the election is that Americans can now see that there are millions of people who think differently than they do.

Michelle Pollino, FOX News.

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