A lot of people downloaded the new Mario cell phone game, but was it worth it?

FOX's Eammonn Dignam has details in the latest "FOX Bits":

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Nintendo walking the line between a success and failure with their mobile device release of 'Super Mario Run'...

Boasting the number one app download on the iTunes store, but only about eight percent of those customers paying the to get the full game.
These numbers being blamed for Nintendo shares dropping on the Tokyo Market.
The history of Blizzard's 'Overwatch' 23 and growing character roster is vague on purpose, to let fans build their own stories, but recently in a comic book published by the game maker they defined the British time traveller, known as Tracer a little more...
Shown in a relationship with a red haired woman named Emily. L-G-B-T characters are not a rare sight in gaming, more times than not, the player decides the sexuality of the character, instead of the story dictating it.
Reactions to the reveal are mixed with most people just asking if it changes the way she plays:

The answer is no.
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