Holy Artwork, Batman! Adam West Has a New Hobby

    A 60’s television icon-turned painter puts his works up for sale.

    FOX’s Kerin McCue reports: 

    Holy Picasso, Batman! It turns out that Adam West, the actor who brought the caped crusader to the small screen in the classic 1960’s series, ‘Batman’, is a painter, too! West, who’s now 88, long ago left Gotham City for the resort town of Ketchum, Idaho.

    This week, he’ll be at the Gilman Contemporary Art Gallery for the opening of “Criminals on Canvas”. West says in a statement that his paintings capture the humor, zaniness and depth of the Batman villains as well as the Freudian motivations of Batman. The Joker, the Riddler, the Penguin and Catwoman will all be there-on canvas, of course, Wednesday night. Same bat time. Same bat gallery!

    Kerin McCue, FOX News.