Senator Ron Johnson: Trump Has An Awful Lot To Learn About The Dysfunction In D.C. But Has The Ability To Shake Up Washington

“I am sure he has an awful lot to learn about the dysfunction of Washington D.C. I think he has it pretty well assessed but until you are actually there and operating in it, you are shaking your head all the time thinking how can things be so inefficient, so ineffective…, he will be finding it out …He has the best opportunity of anybody I have seen of shaking things up and making the kind of changes the American public is looking for.”

—-Senator Ron Johnson on Trump dealing with the dysfunction in Washington

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) called into Kilmeade & Friends to talk about President Elect Donald Trump visiting Wisconsin to thank voters for their support, Trump having a lot to learn about the dysfunction in Washington and how he has the ability to make the changes Americans are looking for in D.C.

Plus, Johnson spoke about supporting Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State and why he feels the outrage over Russian election hacking is much to do about nothing.

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