Tips for Winning Over Your Partner’s Family This Holiday Season

    With the holiday season in full swing, you may have dodged a bullet on Thanksgiving, but most people are going to a lot of holiday functions right now. So how can you win over your partner’s family?

    FOX’s Ashley Papa gets some tips in this week’s “FOX on Love”:

    Many new couples will be meeting their sweeties family for the first time this holiday season.

    So how do you make a lasting, good impression on your love’s parents? Matchmaker Rori Sassoon, says for starters, dress appropriately for their family:

    (Sassoon) “Are they super conservative, are they cool? Like what’s their style and what would they be, lets say, what would they approve of and what would they be offended by?”

    In other words, nothing flashy. Another tip, bring a small gift:

    (Sassoon) “What’s their interest? You can always start with a great coffee table book because I feel like that means you took your time to actually inquire with what they’re interested in.”

    Candles, wine and flowers work, too. Sassoon also says to keep conversations light:

    (Sassoon) “Don’t bring any drama. Definitely don’t bring politics or religion into the situation. And also your own personal baggage.”

    Finally, Sassoon advises to get the low down on each family member from your partner in advance so you know how to best approach each individual.

    With FOX on Love, I’m Ashley Papa.

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