Is the holiday season driving you nuts?

FOX's Lisa Brady reports on ways to disconnect from the negative:

The 'Most Wonderful Time of the Year', can also be one of the most stressful, especially for parents trying to make it all happen:

(Silverman) "We're actually kind of hard-wired to the negative."

Author Robin Silverman, studying this for the past 25 years, says feeling more positive helps:

(Silverman) "Your aunt just asked you about your divorce for the third time, you told them that you were a vegan and the only thing that's on the table is meat; what you want to be able to do in a moment is be able to come back into that peaceful center."

Just smiling can work, because human nature is to smile back. Or have a light joke ready to divert the conversation. And if the kids are fighting over toys, try clapping your hands or turning off the lights:

(Silverman) "Kids in school understand that. When the teacher flicks the lights or something like that, it usually quiets them down and gets their attention."

Another simple trick when you feel yourself getting stressed out: snap your fingers:

(Silverman) "It will bring you back into the moment like nothing else."

Silverman also recommends humming and to help get a decent night's sleep, tell your brain you're muting it until morning.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.

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Robin Silverman has a Master's Degree in Organizational Development and Change Leadership and is founder of Fullistic, an organization aimed at helping people achieve greater happiness and peace. Her new book is Feathers: 50 Things You Can Do in 50 Seconds or Less to Lighten Up and Set Yourself Free.