How often do your kids play video games? Various studies have raised concern about the amount of time per day or week, but it may help to focus on the big picture.

FOX’s Lisa Brady weighs in in “FOX on Family”:

How much time is too much for your kids to spend playing video games? An even tougher question, now that gaming is parts of kids’ social interaction:

(Lozano) “They’re not seeing each other as much, but they are kind of hanging out online and playing games with each other. So it is becoming more of a tough call as parents to try to weed through this.”

Licensed professional counselor Rusty Lozano says instead of actual experiences, young gamers are having emotional responses in a virtual world.

And more they do that, the more challenging face to face interaction can be. So he also says the younger the child, the less gaming there should be:

(Lozano) “As we try to get them to become more interpersonal in their teen years, it would be like teaching a completely different language.”

Lozano says find a healthy balance. Maybe no gaming during the week, but flexible time over the weekend. Or earn game time by reading or boosting grades. And explain to your kids why limits are so important. It might get them on board with your game plan.

With FOX on Family, I’m Lisa Brady.

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