Senator Lindsey Graham: John Bolton Would Be Good Pick For Secretary of State-He Knows Where The Bodies Are Buried At The State Department

“I am a big john Bolton fan. I am in charge of the State Department’s budget… I don’t have enough people to go in and turn the State Department upside down. John Bolton knows where the bodies are buried at the State Department. We need to make it easier to fire people, we need to make it a more efficient place. I think John Bolton sees the world for what it is, not for what people want it to be so I am a big john Bolton fan.”

—Lindsey Graham on why John Bolton would be a good pick for Secretary of State

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) spoke with Kilmeade & Friends about President Elect Donald Trump considering Mitt Romney for Secretary of State, why he is a fan of John Bolton being in charge of the State Department, the need for Trump to get those who were opposed to him during the primary on his team, his hope that Trump will revisit the Iran treaty and helping the Trump administration out whenever he can.

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