Hall of Fame baseball manager Joe Torre spoke with Kilmeade & Friends about the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the 1996 Yankees winning the first of his 4 titles with the Yankees. Plus, Torre shared an important message to help bring awareness to men about the importance of early prostate cancer detection.

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Some key information men should know about prostate cancer

• Over 50% of newly diagnosed men have low risk prostate cancer that is unlikely to spread - yet a majority of them receive immediate aggressive treatment, which can cause long term side effects (impotence and incontinence) and may not be needed • Genomic testing can help men personalize their treatment plan - every man is different and every prostate is unique. • Visit www.MyProstateCancerTreatment.org to learn more about genomic testing to help inform treatment decisions

Click here to watch Joe Torre talk about prostate cancer treatment options and the importance of taking the time to get educated before making a treatment decision