American singer Bobby Rydell's career spans over six decades long. Rydell was a teen-idol in the late 50's with hit songs like "Volare", "Wild One", "Kissin' Time" and many more.

Rydell was the youngest headliner to play the Copacabana in New York and also starred in the movie version of Broadway's "Bye Bye Birdie", playing Hugo Peabody.

Rydell's new book: "TEEN IDOL ON THE ROCKS: A Tale of Second Chances" goes into his vivid childhood on the fabled mid-20th-century streets of South Philadelphia, to his reign as the Justin Bieber of the "Camelot" era, his battles with alcoholism, and his lifesaving double-transplant surgery.

FOX's Dave Anthony spends "A Few Moments With..." the legendary Bobby Rydell:


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