Crumbling roads, rusty bridges, and broken tunnels are an everyday nuisance to American commuters. Now, they've become a focus for a new administration.

FOX's Victoria Craig explains:

The American Society of Civil Engineers has graded the nation's infrastructure a D-minus, estimating $3.6 trillion of investment needs to be made by 2020.

President-elect Donald Trump's vow to renew focus on improvements has found bipartisan support in House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi and rank-and-file members of the Democratic party.

Newly reelected Maryland representative Democrat John Delaney has long been a strong advocate for infrastructure. He plans re-introduce his legislation during the new term.

The key to his pitch is using funds generated by U.S. Companies bringing profits held overseas back to the U.S. 

(Delaney) "Paying for things either involves cutting something else or raising taxes: Two things that are hard to do right now."

Victoria Craig, FOX News.

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