Do you believe in love at first sight? A sociologist says the idea goes back to ancient centuries.

FOX’s Ashley Papa reports: 

Whether it’s seeing or swiping on someone for the first time, many often call it “love at first sight or swipe”.

But is it ‘really’ love? And where did this myth come from?

Tinder’s own in house sociologist, Doctor Jess Carbino, says the idea of love at first sight dates back centuries:

(Dr. Carbino) “It’s largely based upon a myth that was constructed during the period of the 1400’s and 1200’s when there were knights and ladies of the court and there was this belief in love at first sight and this has been expounded upon in literature, film and television.”

Carbino says love in relationships is more prosaic in nature and based upon everyday life. And about those instant butterflies we get?:

(Dr. Carbino) “Part of your brain that is being stimulated is the part of the brain that actually effects the perception in your gut and it’s really fascinating to think about that and that’s why people think they’ve got butterflies in their stomach when in fact their brains being stimulating and they’re feeling anxious and excited about this new person.”

Whether it’s love or attraction at first sight, the debate goes on.

With FOX on Love, I’m Ashley Papa.

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