A San Francisco high school teacher's lesson plan is sparking debate after she told her students President-elect Trump is racist and sexist.

FOX's Gary Baumgarten reports:

Mission High School teacher Fakrah Shah is being both praised and criticized for a lesson plan, that's been published on her union's website, in which she writes: "A racist and a sexist man has become the President of our country by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base."

Shah's union president, Lita Blanc, is backing her teacher:

(Blanc) "As educators, we, our first impulse is to provide the children with a safe space in which to deal with their feelings and make sense out of the world. And that's what this lesson plan is about."

The Republican Party in San Francisco calling the lesson plan inappropriate. And labeling it propaganda.

Gary Baumgarten, FOX News.

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