Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX), representing Texas's 8th congressional district and Chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means, joined Kilmeade and Friends today to discuss tax reform in the Trump administration. Chairman Brady's new national tax reform plan would reduce and simplify taxes for businesses and families to the point it could be filed on a postcard. The plan would eliminate certain taxes on businesses, as well as "the death tax." The goal is to help businesses invest in themselves, grow jobs at home and put more money into Americans' pockets, which many voters would appreciate. Chairman Brady said:

I don't know how the Senate will handle the work over there, my belief is this the House will produce the most pro-growth competitive tax code you can imagine. The Senate's gonna have to do the work but I think to make tax reform permanent, to do the Reagan style reforms that really jump-start the economy in a major way, we ought to be open to Democrat ideas that grow the economy.

On why he wants president-elect Trump to revisit TPP:

Chairman Brady: Because as you know it's not enough to simply buy American, we have to sell American all throughout the world. The problem is we're very free, but we try to sell into these other countries, you know they put up these American need not apply signs, so done right trade agreements insist if you can sell one-way into America we get to sell two-way right back into your country on a level playing field, and done right we win in those. But clearly the Trans-Pacific Partnership, president-elect Trump sees real problems with that.

Brian Kilmeade: Do you?

Brady: Yeah, there still are. There are some key areas that I think need to be improved, revisited, renegotiated and I actually think Mr. Trump ought to keep what works for America and improve the provisions in there that don't.

On who he would like to see as Treasury Secretary:

Brady: Look I'm Texan and I'm a huge fan of Jeb Hensarling so yes I would love to see him as Treasury Secretary, and frankly anywhere in the administration. I know there's some good names floating. But boy I know he gets the whole picture from the tax reforms side, to the monetary, Federal Reserve side, yeah he'd be terrific.