Anti-Trump rallies continue in cities across the country.

FOX's Tonya J. Powers has more:

Anti-Donald Trump protesters continue to march in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco:

(Protesters) "Not my President, not my President, not my President."

And Portland, Oregon, where 71 people were arrested early Sunday morning. Immigrants, their advocates and others opponents spoke out against deportation and other measures at the protests.

President-elect Trump is telling the protesters not to be afraid of his presidency, but some aren't buying it:

(Protester) "IĀ feel that I'm letting my people down as a Latino, as a Mexican American and as a person in my community if i don't get out here and I say "that's not okay"."

More protests are expected.

In New York City, Tonya J. Powers, FOX News.

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