Don’t Let Your Political Affiliation Ruin Your Relationships

    The contentious election is over. If President-elect Donald Trump wasn’t who you voted for, but your partner did, don’t let it ruin your bond together.

    FOX’s Ashley Papa has more: 

    Whether you’re happy or disappointed with the result of the presidential election, life will go on, and so must your relationship.

    Psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig says if you and your love have opposite reactions to the President-elect you must respect each other’s feelings:

    (Dr. Ludwig) “You are not going to change your partners political views. It doesn’t matter how good your argument is, how good your debate is. So if you no longer make that an expectation, knowing that you’re not going to be on the same page politically, that can help.”

    Ludwig says if you and your partner can’t engage in a political discussion without getting into a fight, don’t talk about it at all:

    (Dr. Ludwig) “You don’t want politics to get in the way of a successful relationship, so you may need to agree to disagree about this topic and just focus on the more positive aspects of your relationship.”

    You can have a good relationship, even if you’re not on the same page this time around. But, maybe in four years, you will.

    With FOX on Love, I’m Ashley Papa.

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