Election Day: Getting Your Kids Involved

What seems like the longest presidential campaign in history is finally ending. And after such a big buildup what do you say to your kids about Election Day?

FOX’s Lisa Brady reports:

If you’re feeling a little election fatigue, your kids might, too:

(Sites) “To hear the subject matter over and over again for so long, they’re wondering when is it going to be over?”

Depending on their age and how much campaign rhetoric they’ve been exposed to. But conflict resolution counselor Veronica Sites says no matter what, it’s a teachable moment:

(Sites) “This is one of the benefits we have of being in a free country. Every vote counts. We don’t all agree, but every vote counts.”

She’s in favor of taking your kids with you to vote to help show the importance of their future role. Just make sure they know not to announce how you voted.

After each side’s dire predictions, you may also need to reassure them:

(Sites) “That as far as the family unit is and the sense of security that the adults can provide for the child, that will not change.”

I asked my seven-year-old son this week what he thinks about the election. He said it’s good we’re choosing a President.

With FOX on Family, I’m Lisa Brady.

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