NASA is giving a preview of its most powerful telescope yet.

FOX's Dave Anthony reports:

(Mather) "We will see things that we've never been able to see before."

Because this telescope is much more powerful than the Hubble:

(Mather) "If you were a bumble bee hovering at the distance of the moon, we would be able to see you."

By picking up reflected sunlight and thermal radiation. John Mather, senior astrophysicist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center can't wait for its expected launch in 2018:

(Mather) "I'm hoping that we will find something that nobody knows is out there."

Like something from the early universe maybe the way black holes were formed and he expects more surprise findings about planets.

The telescope is named after James Webb, a NASA administrator in the 1960's.

Dave Anthony, FOX News.