“The Last Guardian” Finally Comes to Life this December on PS4

A game thought to have fallen through the cracks almost a decade ago, gets a release date and cheaters beware, crime game “Grand Theft Auto” is trying to make it fair for players across the board.

FOX’s Eammonn Dignam has the latest in “FOX Bits”:

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After nearly a decade, “The Last Guardian” is finally going to be released for PS4. This is after the trailer first appeared in 2009. The puzzle solving game starring a boy and his dog, named Trico has a troubled history.

The dog is a big dog, standing about 20 feet high with wings and bird feet. The game has stunning visuals and hopefully will be worth the wait. It’s scheduled to finally hit stores in December.

Cheaters in “Grand Theft Auto Online” got a surprise when they opened up their online fake bank account, and found their balance to be substantially less. That’s because they had counterfeit in game money and were caught by maker Rockstar Games. 

The game also announcing tougher penalties for playing unfairly like suspensions from the game up to permanent bans.

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