WikiLeaks Releases Email Exchange Between Clinton Staffers & Mandy Grunwald

WikiLeaks has released another batch of emails from the account of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.

FOX’s Rachel Sutherland reports from Washington:

The latest release shows Clinton campaign staffers were concerned that Republicans and the media would seize on reports that the State Department approved a visa for Tashfeen Malik, who carried out the San Bernardino massacre along with her husband.

Clinton aide Ron Klain writes: “it is just a matter of time before the Republicans (certainly) and the media (likely) begin to try to use San Bernardino as a sign that things were broken while she was Secretary of State and that she did not do enough to fix them”.

In another email exchange between a number of staffers, there are several quotes from Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speeches. Longtime adviser to Hillary Clinton Mandy Grunwald writes: “It’s pretty bad. She is critical to some extent of what led to the crash, but the more memorable stuff is totally accomodationist.”

WikiLeaks has released more than 30,000 of Podesta’s emails in a series of dumps.

In Washington, Rachel Sutherland, FOX News.

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