Dating can be hard at times, from the pursuit of getting that person to your first date and how to represent yourself once you have the person you have been shooting for.

FOX's Ashley Papa has this week's "FOX on Love":

Google "relationship advice" and have fun sifting through the pages of tips and tricks that claim to improve anyone's love life. The thing is, a lot of this advice is dated, contradictive and just plain bad.

Ken Page, author of "Deeper Dating", says, take some of these tips and throw them away like, "learn to be irresistible":

(Page) "Your goal is not to become generally irresistible, your goal is to become you and look for the people who naturally love what they see when they see you."

Another piece of bad advice, that age-old tip "play hard to get":

(Page) "When you play hard to get you may make some people want you more but you make people like you less."

And, Page says, you don't need to "learn the skills of seduction":

(Page) "Men you do not have to try to be this alpha man. Woman, you don't have to try to be this irresistible vixen. What you have to do is be who you are."

According to Page, there is one piece of advice that stands the test of time... just be yourself.

With FOX on Love, I'm Ashley Papa.

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